Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 10: Windsor

Day 10 Windsor (Wednesday , July 2)

Wednesday morning we locked up Ednovean house and boarded a mini- bus for Windsor. The house was an amazing find: ultra modern and high end at the level of a movie set, floors of soft light oak -- the original of which my upstairs linoleum is a copy -- special night lighting at floor level; every switch a dimmer, and views amazing enough to stop conversation as people's attention would be caught by the shimmer of light on water, wood pigeons courting in the tress, rabbits flushed in the fields by the horses.

It was a long, nearly five- hour drive to our hotel outside Windsor, Oakley Court. Once we got there, the hotel and its situation on manicured greens sloping down to the Thames were so enchanting and inviting that many of us decided to stay there instead of driving into Windsor. The original house is crenelated pseudo gothic,complete with a brace of carved griffins on either side of the entrance and some of the most elaborate plaster ornamentation I've ever seen.tons of solicitous staff, catering to yr every need. The house has been used in dozens of movies, perhaps most notably in Rocky Horror picture show, and I think an episode of rosemary and thyme where an ad hoc film crew is trying to film their own Dracula.
So I settled in wi a Pimms, took a stroll wi Dana down the nature trail that wound by the river, and then sat down to an elegant dinner of sirloin and ox cheek served wi parsnips and leeks over some kind of foam. Tiny portions but flavors so rich it was quite satisfying.

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