Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 9: St. Michael's Mount

Day 9: St. Michel's Mount  (Tuesday, July 1)

Got up and took a cab over to St. Michael's Mount, the island castle that is connected to the mainland by a causeway only crossable at low tide. We took the boat over and got there just in time to catch the village tour, led by a local who was full of stories. Didn't try to climb all the way to the top; apparently it is terrifically steep and rocky. Whole island is cobblestones, quite treacherous walking, especially the causeway where all the grouting has been washed away. Don't know if I've been traveling too long, but I felt it was quite ho- hum. Unfortunately it is approaching high season and so the gardens are closed to the public. I find these stately homes pretty boring.

Came back and ate a cheese and crackers lunch and then went down hard for a long nap. Got up and started organizing packing for the trip back to London where I can resume my preferred diet of museums.

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